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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card


ace of pentacles tarot card


Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

When The Ace of Pentacles tarot card turns up in your querent's reading it's good news all the way for them, meaning that great wealth and happiness is the order of the day, success is indicated with a positive shine on all that they desire

The happiness may be generated by the receipt of wealth, or something long desired, or the realisation of a goal that your querent has worked for long and hard - The Ace tarot card means that the hard work is about to pay off. And the wealth need not have a monetary value - some of life's greatest riches can't be bought, and this tarot card can even signify the birth of a child

Let's just list some of the lovely attributes associated with the Ace of Pentacles tarot card: Prosperity, fertility, generosity, fruits of labor, new financial ventures, productivity, material pleasures and ambition are all highlighted when this card shows in a tarot reading. Meaning that if you can think of most things good, such as : creative vision, security, physical delight, fortune, riches, flowering, wellness, perfection and beauty, then you'll likely find these attributes associated with this card

The Ace of Pentacles, like all the Aces that we find in the other suits, is representative of new beginnings, inspiration, fresh energy and a realisation of goals in regards to monetary and spiritual wealth. You should, however, caution your querent about the dangers of being swept away by the euphoria that the abundance of riches can bring - meaning that they should always remember that there are others who will lack such riches, and may never attain them in their lifetime

The pentacles are associated with the alchemical element of Earth, and therefore symbolize the material world and all things associated with matter and the body. It's likely that money, wealth and financial matters may be of concern to your querent at the time of making the reading for them

Their concerns would surely melt away if they knew of the other delightful attributes of the Ace of Pentacles if it shows up in their reading - attributes such as : Wisdom, freedom, nurturing, gemstones, pennies from heaven, contentment, profit, inheritance, windfall, financial breakthrough, being at the apex, sustenance, bountiful wealth and bliss are all heralded by the appearance of this card

The Ace of Pentacles tarot card can signify that your client needs to throw something new into the mix, introduce something fresh, and not  let things stay as they are in the hope that things will sort themselves out. So, the Ace suggests that they throw something new into the mix - what should that be ?

Well, take a few minutes for them to consider the options : If it were an easy thing to do, they'd have already tried it. If it were a safe and accepted thing to do, they'd have already tried it. So, why not consider doing something totally out of character, or something that they'd never normally do or get around to doing. And that doesn't mean dancing naked in the street - just encourage them do something that they wouldn't ordinarily do

For your querent, the Ace of Pentacles indicates the beginning of new energy and revitalized interest in the material wealth or financial areas of their life, such as  the making of new investments or the undertaking of new business ventures. Figure out what will work and make it a reality -  meaning that dreams are ready to be turned into flourishing enterprises, and they can now attract all the wealth that they need to get their projects up and running

When we see this card in a tarot reading we know that there will be financial change for the better. Your querent can tap into the material force of the Ace and prosper, not only in material comforts, but also in good health, worldliness and a new life pattern. The Ace heralds a feeling of prosperity and abundance and should be joyfully accepted. It tells you that the end of a process is near, and after the initial excitement of a new idea (wands), the inner turmoil of it all (cups), the struggle with it in the outside world (swords), the time has now come for ideas to be materialized

Meaning Reversed

When the Ace of Pentacles tarot card shows up reversed in a reading some of the negative attributes associated with it are: Corruption, greed, clinging to the past, confusion, fear of death, taking what one hasn't earned and extravagance are all implied. The Ace reversed in a spread tells us that the querent depends on physical pleasures for their happiness, meaning that they're prone to avarice and greed, and are materialistic and miserly in spirit. Reversed, the Ace represents the evil and unpleasant side of wealth


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