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The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card


five of pentacles tarot card


Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning and Attributes

The five of pentacles tarot card meaning is of a time of change, or ups and downs in a querent's life, maybe even financial strife - so these attributes must be considered as you make the reading for them

However, your client's psychological state, and their attitudes and expectations about money at the time of the reading are other meanings connected to this card, and you should be aware of these attributes

As we saw earlier, the Four of Pentacles indicated a psychological attachment to money and a tendency to hold it in high esteem - to the detriment of spiritual matters. The Five of Pentacles tarot card is also likely to indicate that your client has an inner difficulty regarding the  relationship  to money and material things, and so indicates a lack of confidence which is reflected in their poor self judgement

When money becomes the primary motivation in our lives, and the gauge by which we judge our worth, then the lack of it in abundance in our lives can produce anxiety, and a sense of being excluded from the good things that money can buy. Your querent could be facing problems in their workplace, or with a financial investment gone sour, leading to concerns regarding their financial security, and hence to a loss of ability to work their way out of the situation. Check out the illustration on the tarot card - doesn't it look bleak?

The five of pentacles tarot card can indicate failure and loss for your querent - more with regard to material loss than personal loss, the Five in a tarot reading represents poverty, financial insecurity and troubled thoughts. Your client could experience troubles, dissension and possible loss in their work or career, as well as difficult dealings with others - including strife and heated debate over official papers or contractual agreements

You querent could be liable to have arguments over money with a partner or family member, this could lead to them having suspicions regarding the infidelity of a partner and this will cause problems for relationships, but they will be too emotionally drained to properly sort things out

Until your querent faces up to the source of the problems they will find that the worries paralyze any meaningful action, so they need to focus on the present and do what they can with what they have now. Stress management is a vital concern as this card is a definite warning of impending money troubles, and depending on how the surrounding tarot card spread falls it can also signify a divorce, or even legal difficulties in their life

Depending on surrounding cards, the five of pentacles can signify that a restriction in one area can lead to fresh opportunities in another - as one door closes, another one opens

Meaning Reversed

The five of pentacles tarot card reversed in a tarot reading signifies an end to difficult times, a time of healing and feeling better, shrugging off the negative feelings of loneliness, despair and loss, meaning that the difficult period of rejection, hardship and abandonment is coming to an end

Your querent should start to regain self confidence and feel that life is worth living once more. So, reversed, this card seems to have more positive attributes than when it falls upright in a reading - for example, if the querent has experienced severe financial problems or illness in their life, these problems are now easing. The card signals a time for relief, and a chance for your querent to breath easier for a while

When the Five tarot card shows reversed in the reading, one of the first things that it tells you about the client is that they have a lack of success in their life and may have been unemployed for a long time. The card indicates poverty and destitution ( remember, depending on surrounding cards)


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