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The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card


queen of pentacles tarot card


Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Attributes and Meanings

The physical attributes of a person associated with the queen of pentacles tarot card are as follows: A large, cheerful dark haired woman with a strong constitution - the ultimate Earth Mother

Personality traits that can be attributed to the Queen are as follows: She is matronly, has a good head for business, but lacks pizzazz and sparkle. Generally very caring, sometimes moody, but generous and sincere. She is secure, wealthy, enjoys luxury and abundance

The queen of pentacles is the original earth mother and expresses practical energy, she is also associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius

The queen of pentacles as earth mother is the one with rows of home canned goods stored on the shelf in the cellar, she is able to work a full time job, take care of the children, keep the house clean, and still have time to read the financial section of the Wall Street Journal - she probably has little nest eggs tucked away in a few bank accounts that nobody knows about

To hear that last paragraph summed up in song, go to YouTube and listen to Peggy Lee singing  the 2.48 length version of I'm A Woman, but don't forget to come back here and check out the rest of the queen of pentacles tarot card when you're done!

The Queen is practical in her mothering version of "tough love", and the punishment fits the crime - " You've colored on the wall? Here, take this wash cloth and clean it off. All done? Good. It's forgotten"

When the Queen of pentacles tarot card shows in a spread, your querent should be thankful to the woman who he has encountered, because the Queen tarot card means prosperity, and a security that may be either financial or physical in nature. The meaning for the querent is that generosity will be demonstrated, and they will find freedoms that are associated with this  security theirs for the taking

If the querent wants to find out who they are, to find their centre, true self, or the place where they belong, and for ideas to come to light, then they must follow their star and wait for their wishes to come true. They must take responsibility for their own actions - the Queen will make sure that they do!

Now, take a deep breath, because here comes a long list of attributes associated with the Queen of pentacles tarot card, and remember, she can signal all or any of the following in your reading: She is pragmatic, sensuous, generous, a practical and adept businesswoman, astute, secretive, and protective of her territory. Endurance, stability, full of potential, common sense and warm hearted. There is a love of all living creatures, an enjoyment of luxury, dignity, comfort and emotional maturity. Shrewdness, steady progress, happy to give material help if needs be, down to earth, team player, family woman, a bestower of life and beauty with unconditional love

This woman who the querent may encounter, is capable and practical in business, and can be happy either in the workforce or at home. She does like her material comforts, but is financially responsible, and shares her wealth with her inner circle. Although she is not particularly bright or insightful, she does have depth of feelings, and appreciates the pleasures of life

Meaning Reversed

So, the Queen of pentacles tarot card turns up reversed in their reading, what is the meaning for your querent? It indicates that they need to get a bit more balance back into their life, because they've become consumed with their work and have got out of touch with their friends and family - the very people who can give them the help and support that they need at this time

The queen of pentacles reversed signifies that your querent is worried that if they put huge time and effort into their career and financial well being that they won't have enough energy to invest in their family - they need to realize that sometimes it's just not  possible to do everything, and that they need to make some hard choices

Some other meanings of the Queen of pentacles tarot card reversed, are that this person pays to have the company of sycophants to shield her from criticism, she is highly changeable, with mood swings and a suspicious nature that arouses feelings of mistrust in others

She is narrow minded and will not accept new concepts or things that she doesn't understand, and uses her wealth to show off in displays of grandeur

Well, the Queen was a sweetie - not so sure about the king


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